Intelligent Computing and Data Mining Lab

ICDM lab is affiliated with the School of Information and Software Engineering
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Chengdu, Sichuan, China, led by Prof. Fan Zhou

Our lab is committed to pushing the boundaries in the realms of artificial intelligence and data mining.
Our mission is to develop innovative methodologies in intelligent computing that can address a wide array of complex, real-world challenges. Moreover, we strive to unearth valuable insights from large-scale data that can inspire solutions and drive social good.


Oct 23, 2023. Our lab won 2 runners-up and 3 third places in the Artificial Intelligence Challenge hosted by People's Daily Online, standing out among 852 teams from 176 schools. Congrats!

National Scholarship

Oct 13, 2023. Congrats to Wenxin Tai, Haoyang Yu, Yuzhou Mao and Tangjiang Qian for awarding the National Scholarship, one of the highest honors for graduate students in China. 

September 11, 2023. The leader of our lab, Professor Fan Zhou, served as the school faculty representative to give a speech at this year's UESTC SISE undergraduate opening ceremony. 

August 29, 2023. Our outsanding graduate, Liu Yu, served as a distinguished student representative to give a speech at this year's UESTC SISE graduate opening ceremony. 


Trustworthy Artifical Intelligence

Trustworthy neural networks are the bedrock of responsible AI, forging a path where innovation meets ethics, reliability, and accountability. We primarily focus on improving the NN's interpretability and generalization.

Spatial-Temporal Data Modeling

We aim to bridge the gaps between spatial and temporal data and design novel spatial-temporal models for real-world applications such as human trajectories and smart-cities. 

Large Language Model

We focus on analyzing the capabilities of large language models in various tasks, such as social network analysis and spatial-temporal modeling.

Social Network Analysis

We study large-scale social networks -- such as information diffusion, user interaction, and rumor propagation within the network. 

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Detailed information about the Master's and Doctoral programs at UESTC can be found here for domestic students and here for international students.

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